What is smart IoT security?

By Henrik Hjelte, Product Manager IoT on Nov 24, 2017 9:38:12 AM |


Smart cities require clever IoT security. The lack of well-defined security standards and regulations can turn smart city technology implementations into overwhelming challenges.

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To gain the upper hand against threats to connected devices IoT security have to get smarter.

Then what is smart security and how do we make our smart cities secure?


Limit the possible surfaces of attack

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Security is always weakest in the seams. The interface between a device and its communication, between sender and receiver, between administrator and user.

Hackers attack the seams, where the chain is the weakest. Do not introduce a large number of suppliers, interfaces and administrators into you security solution.

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Control your data

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Well, you might say, the information sent between my temperature devices are not secret. Right, but what if someone alters your data? Or stops the data stream completely? What then?

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Encrypt, authenticate, and regulate communication and access channels. Strong cryptography that protect against eavesdropping, interception and modification should be a natural part of any communication solution.

Clever iot security should use strong authentication mechanism such as multi-stage log on, time limited, one time passwords, well controlled provisioning of access and instantly revocable user credentials in case of loss of tablet e.g.

Introduce warning algorithms into your system

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Detecting that a device has stopped communicating is easy. You are no longer receiving any data. But when the data is altered, or the device keeps transmitting data but is also instructed to do something else, like taking part in a DDoS attack, the signs might not be so easy to see.

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By applying cognitive data analysis tools to a data stream, it is possible to detect anomalies in the transmissions. If a device suddenly transmits a huge amount of data, sends to little data or acts in a way that is not in line with normal behavior, data analysis can alert administrators that something is wrong and actions can be taken.

Smart iot security is about preventing manipulation and hijacking of data. It’s about knowing who has access and what the devices are doing at all times. Setting up watchdogs to spot anomalies and prevent them.

To detect threats early, at the core, and be prepared to act fast, scale fast and grow fast


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Henrik Hjelte, Product Manager IoT

By Henrik Hjelte, Product Manager IoT

Henrik has 10 years of experience with safety and secure communications from Stanley Security and AddSecure. He is responsible for AddSecure Link, a secure platform for IOT communications. Henrik works to improve the security of IOT, and to ensure that all devices communicate with each other in a safe way.
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