Smart cities and municipalities – Where to begin?

A smart city is a city enhanced by sensors, data collection, artificial intelligence and inter-connectivity to manage almost every single part of it more efficiently. Essentially, it’s when the whole city itself goes online – not just the people in it. 

This goes for municipalities as well of course. In fact, smart technology may just make it easier for people to stay outside the cities instead of commuting there every day.

The question isn’t whether your city or municipality should go smart, but when you won’t have a choice anymore. 

Smart city or municipalities

The smart city is often touted as a revolution, but a lot of it is just making everything run a little bit smoother:

  • Elder care: Using sensors contribute to automate living spaces as well as immediately alerting health professionals if something were to happen.
  • Traffic flow and vehicle fleets: Traffic flow can be optimized by sensor outfitted roads to avoid traffic jams.
  • Energy conservation: The smart city is to a high degree the same thing as the sustainable city.

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