As cities get smarter, so should their security

By Henrik Hjelte, Product Manager IoT on Nov 30, 2017 1:00:00 PM |


Smart cities – we have all heard of them. The future. Intelligence in every corner. However, smart cities require smart security. 

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From traffic lights, billboards, self-driving cars and bus timetables to camera surveillance, power grids and water supply. We, the citizens, create these smart cities for the benefit of ourselves and to be able to further improve our way of living.

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Requirement: IoT security

The possibilities of connected things are endless but without smart security, unfortunately, so are the risks. Building a network of connected devices without regard for security will cause severe challenges.

We create smart cities to fit the need and benefit of the citizens and their culture, but we have already seen what happens when smart implementations are attacked. Hacking was once thought of as someone getting in to your computer and getting to your files. Today, with our connected phones, toys, ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors and TV’s there are endless doorways for a hacker to exploit.

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If you don't secure your IoT solutions, you're giving hackers free reign to do as they please. 

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So what can we do to avoid and mitigate the risks inherent in this development? How do we keep reaping the benefits of this amazing new technology while at the same time minimizing the danger?

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The time to implement is now

Some advice:

  • Be aware that any device available on the internet will be subject to some sort of probe with the intent on hacking it within minutes after being brought online
  • IoT, the Internet of Things, is fantastic – but do you really want your TV, baby monitor or pacemaker to be available on the Internet?
  • Separate your devices from the Internet. Why should anyone but you even know they exist online?
  • Complexity is the enemy of security. Don’t make things harder than they need be. Smart security is security that is readily available and easy to use

You don’t need an advanced degree to be able to use advanced security. We cannot allow smart cities to become smart hacker networks.

Smart cities deserve smart security, the time to implement it is now.


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Henrik Hjelte, Product Manager IoT

By Henrik Hjelte, Product Manager IoT

Henrik has 10 years of experience with safety and secure communications from Stanley Security and AddSecure. He is responsible for AddSecure Link, a secure platform for IOT communications. Henrik works to improve the security of IOT, and to ensure that all devices communicate with each other in a safe way.
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